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About Us

At Momentum you will discover a world of meaningful things specifically chosen to satisfy your personal style and social conscience. Whether you are searching for home furnishings or handbags, bath products or baby gifts, Momentum offers a unique array of fairly traded products. Every item Momentum carries is crafted by the human hand, tells a story and provides employment opportunities for artisan groups around the world.


Momentum exists as a business to create and inspire social change by providing socially responsible choices to everyday purchases.


At Momentum we envision a world where businesses promote economic, social and environmental justice and where engaged communities support these efforts.

By integrating social and environmentally sound values into our daily practices, we are demonstrating that business can be a vehicle for social change.

Our Name and Logo

The name, Momentum, represents our collective strength and purchasing power that is manifesting change in the world.

Momentum Logo

Our logo symbolizes the values that we have invested in Momentum. The hand represents the handmade quality of Momentum's crafts and is symbolic of our hands on commitment to socially responsible business practices. The heart represents the integrity of our Fair Trade principles. Our logo is comprised of multiple hands and hearts to remind us that social change is a collective effort in need of all our hands and hearts.