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Get Involved

Add your momentum to the Fair Trade Movement

1. Choose Fair Trade

Purchasing Fair Trade products is a simple everyday choice that makes a big difference in the lives of low-income artisans and farmers. Your Fair Trade purchases help to end social and economic injustice.

2. Speak Up

If you can't find Fair Trade products in your local shops, ask the manager to carry Fair Trade products or leave a note in the suggestion box. Managers listen to customers who take the time to provide them written or verbal feedback. If enough customers ask for Fair Trade products, they will eventually start carrying Fair Trade.

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You can pick up sample letters asking managers to carry Fair Trade at our store or you can download the letter (PDF Format) from our website.

For more ideas, please visit our section on Take Action for Fair Trade.

3. Bring Fair Trade Coffee to your Workplace, School or Place of Worship

Encourage your workplace, school and/or place of worship to make the switch to Fair Trade coffee and tea. Explain to your co-workers how Fair Trade helps create a more just and sustainable global economy and how serving Fair Trade products is part of the solution. Momentum can provide you with Fair Trade brochures to handout and visit our section on Take Action for Fair Trade for more ideas.